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Do I have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Why, yes, I sure do!

I have 13 of them. (Get it. 2013? 13 resolutions? I dig symmetry.)

1.       Be organized!

·         Especially with school, this is an issue. I have started on it with a whiteboard organizing system, but I am considering doing one of those “life binders” I have been seeing on Pinterest.

2.       Become a morning person

·         Last semester, as I got up early to get some homework or studying done for later that day, I realized how much I get done when I’m up by myself in the morning. No toddler to chase around, not much noise. Just blissful peace and quiet in which to drink coffee and do what I need to do!

3.       Clean more!

·         This is kind of a point of contention between myself and Greg. I’m not the neatest of people. My car alone is horrifying. Not like…disgusting, with half eaten cheeseburgers from last week, just lots and lots of paper and the like.

4.       Cook at home instead of eating out

·         This one kind of goes along with the cleaning one. I like to fancy myself as a modern-day June Cleaver (especially before I lost my job), but last semester kicked my butt time-wise, and I regret to say, I ate a ridiculous amount of fast food. It’s pretty sad.

5.       Get a (good) job

·         Yeah…this one stands without much additional explanation. On the plus, at the end of this semester, I’m going to be qualified for a job as a phlebotomist.

6.       Graduate with Associate’s degree

·         I’m set to graduate around next Christmas. Yay!

7.       Keep a journal (as close to every day as I can)

·         Oh, hai! Welcome to mah journal.

8.       Learn to manage my time

·         I’m a procrastinator. A busy procrastinator. This is baaaad. A whole suitcase filled with bad.

9.       Lose weight

·         I’m sure this one is on everyone’s list. But as of my weigh in yesterday, I weigh 275lbs, which is the most I’ve ever weighed. I’m sure there are smaller cows. I have a plan. It has everything…nutrition, exercise, rewards. The whole shebang. Not eating at McDonalds every dang day will certainly help on this front. I’m taking the goals in quarters, with my first being to lose 35 pounds and my final goal is weighing 125 lbs.

10.   Participate in charity events.

·         I plan to host a thing for Extra Life, which goes for the Children’s Miracle Network, participate in 2013’s Project for Awesome, and keep on the campaigns of the Harry Potter Alliance, and really, whatever else I can do. I don’t think my life has enough charity in it, and that makes me sad.

11.   Read at least 30 books

·         I’m finishing up “Looking for Alaska” by John Green right now. 30 is actually a kind of low number for me, but I expect school to take up a bunch of time.

12.   Send out birthday and Christmas cards

·         This one is just for fun, really. My family doesn’t really do the whole card thing, especially Christmas cards. I’ve already skipped out on my poor older sister, but in my defense, her birthday is New Year’s Day. I will physically give her a card (along with her birthday present) the next time I see her.

13.   Spend more time with Dominic

·         This one is a “duh.” I spend a LOT of time with Dom already, but I want to focus on the quality of time with him this year, or changing things up. Such as taking him to the park to play instead of the backyard, or over to the Children’s museum (since he’s old enough to really understand it now.) Also, I aim for him to learn to read completely this year. He already has letter sounds and lots of sight words down, so I’m pretty sure this is very achievable. A big goal is to continue reading to him every night. He *loves* it, and there are few things that make a bibliophile as proud as when her kid becomes a baby bibliophile himself.

These are definitely not the only things I want for this year. I want to make the Dean’s List, learn to sew, go to Ren Faire, and a whole host of other things, but these are the thirteen major changes I want to make this year.