What are my son’s favorite books?

Dominic LOVES books. He loves to be read to, he loves to “read” by himself, talk about the pictures, pick out words that he knows. He is ALL about bedtime stories. I’m fortunate if I can get away with 5 stories, usually it is A BUNCH, and I have to re-read them ad nauseam.

Currently, Dom has 3 favorite books that I can personally suggest to anyone with a small child!

1) Just Go To Bed by Mercer Mayer

Just Go To Bed

Just Go To Bed

This is Dominic’s ABSOLUTE favorite. He has it memorized, mimics the daddy’s voice when he tells Little Critter to go to bed, the whole deal. It’s really cute.

I, personally, am pretty warmed that Dom does like the Little Critter books so much, because most of them are at least as old as I am. We used to get these little book order forms from Scholastic at school, and the Little Critter stories were usually super cheap. My little brother and I had them all.

Since he liked this one so much, Santa brought him about a dozen more for Christmas.

Dominic reading Just Go To Bed

Dominic reading Just Go To Bed

2. I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rosettie-Shustak

This one is just really adorable. Back when he was learning them, it was really helpful in teaching his body parts, but it’s really just a sweet story.

I Love You Through and Through

I Love You Through and Through

3. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess

A classic, and a bit cliched.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

What’s funny is that, while he’s generally so-so about the story, he is REALLY excited that there is a goat in it. For some reason, he thinks that the whole dang story is about that goat. In case you’re like “When was there a goat in Green Eggs and Ham?” like I was when he was calling it “The Goat Book,” here is the star of the show.

Would you, could you, with a goat?

Would you, could you, with a goat?

Apparently, my son loves goats. So completely random. He even got to feed one a couple days before Christmas.

Babies who stare at goats

Babies who stare at goats

Coming back from the conversation about goats, Dominic loves stories. He doesn’t just like these three and rotates the ones he wants to read pretty frequently. We’re always getting him new ones and always trying to expand his little baby horizons.

The next series I want to get him are those cute little Llama books. Like “Llama Llama Red Pajama” and “Llama Llama Mad at Mama” because we’re working on rhyming (and because they’re really cute!)


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